The Feisty Folk

A Meditation to Help You Deal With Irate Customers

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No matter what career or job you have more than likely, experienced a customer who was not the nicest, or more pleasant to be around.

Today I am going to share my meditation I do at work, this can be done anywhere and doesn’t require stones, music, incense or anything other than your attention.  You can even do this while with the customer( try to mask facial expressions as it can ignite the fiesty!)

First I want to give out a few pointers on handling these feisty folk:

Understand they may be having a bad day.  I know how hard that is and how tempting to tell them to go screw off, but you need to be very mindful of the fact that this person may have just lost a family member, lost their home, or even worse lost their job or marriage.  It’s easier said than done, but try to put yourself in their shoes for a moment, even if they may not be having a bad day it helps to be mindful and kind.

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They are not out to get you.  I work in retail and I know first hand as a main cashier, how it can feel like they are out to get you because it feels like you are their outlet.  As difficult as this sounds, when I feel this, I try to imagine the energy of their negativity going away and imagine pink, loving light going through them.  It takes a lot of master ship and I still have my days when I can get very irritated, but I try to do this more and more often it’s being able to be kind even when someone is downright mean that makes you a strong person.

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Okay with out further ado let’s get into the meditation

  1. Start by taking 2 deep breaths
  2.  Imagine a place that you feel safe, happy and relaxed.  I personally like to imagine myself sitting cross-legged in front of a tree deep in a forest where no one can find me, hurt me, or break me down.  I also sit beside animal spirits, my familiars as well.  You can also ask your angel guides, spirits, etc to aide you at this location.  Imagine a white light being wrapped around your entire body, heart, mind, soul and chakras, you are safe here.
  3.  As you are in this location imagine a well that you walk up to, place all the negative energy from both customer and you inside a bucket.  Imagine gently dumping the bucket down well, the energy being returned back to earth.  You are safe, you are protected. the negativity is gone. Imagine pink loving light flowing through you and back to the earth, the light of kindness healing hurt, and irritation, and healing the world as it flows through.
  4. Take 2 deep cleansing breaths taking with you the feeling of safety, serenity, and security nothing can hurt you, nothing can break your spirit.  Thank your guides and keep them with you if you wish, return back to your work space the best way is to either imagine your physical body and/or work place returning,bring your mind back to the physical time and self.

What meditations work for you when you’re handling not so kind folk?

Love and Light,

Moonlit Sage

Tarot Reading for Tuesday 6/20/17

Today’s card is the Queen of Swords,this card is about being focused and moving towards your goal.  This also can be a card about the need to focus and have discipline in order to achieve your goals! 

The Queen pictured here is wielding energy from her moon bow and casting it out .  Golden butterflies are moving forward. 

Love and Light,

Moonlit Sage 

Weekly Magical Musings

Tarot Spread for 6/1717-6/24/17

Tarot Reads 6-17 week

Greetings lovely souls!

Today I am writing out my spread for the upcoming week.

  1. Four of Pentacles(Saturday 6/17)- This card warns about being stingy with money!  Got a little extra cash?  Why not donate it to local charities or organizations that you feel strongly towards?  Sharing is caring, don’t be a stingy Sally!
  2. 7 of Pentacles(Sunday 6/18)–  Pat yourself on the back a debt you may be paying or degree you are going towards takes you one step closer to success!  Go you!
  3. You are One(Monday 6/19)- Today you will come in tune with your higher self, whether this is a walk in the woods, mediation, or taking that yoga class understand you will find a part of you!  You may even find psychic gifts of your own!  Today is a great day to bond with that new deck you bought or even purchase your first deck!
  4. 5 of Cups(Tuesday 6/20)-  Did you say something or get into an argument?  Beware of holding onto grudges today is not the day to hold the past actions of someone!  Feeling guilty about blowing all that hard earned money on that new bag?  Let that be a lesson!  Choose your actions carefully today as they could cost you more than 3 seconds of anger.
  5. 3 of Wands( Wednesday 6/21)-  Some of you may have just said some cruel things or did some horrible actions and still things aren’t at ease, hang in there!  Allow time to soothe the harshness you inflicted on someone.  Be patient with yourself as well, some of you may be feeling like you want to up and leave because life, love, or career isn’t going your way, hang in there warrior, you will have your victory!
  6. The Sun( Thursday 6/22)- Did you just lose a loved one, a relationship that ended badly, or even just a friendship that went sour?  Allow the sun to bring you some healing light, walk along the Forrest in the bright sun, watch that beautiful sunrise.  Today the answer you may be seeking will come to you, it may even be as subtle as the summer wind in your hair, listen!  Today is also about finding lost passions and enjoying them again!
  7. The High Priestess( Friday 6/23)– Today is the perfect day to meditate,  go to Church, take that Yoga class, or just be with nature! Today is about connecting to divine spirit!  Welcome the Divine into your life in which ever way you feel is best! Namaste!

Stay tuned for next week’s spread, also feel to leave any comments as the week goes by, I want to hear about your success!!!

Love and Light,

Moonlit Sage

Tarot Vs Oracle: Which One Do I Choose?

Good Wednesday morning my loves!!!

Today I am going to share a few different tips and tricks when entering the wonderful mystical realm of tarot or oracle(in some cases both!).



Above is your basic Rider Waite deck, which is what most people, find is an easier deck to understand if you do decide to enter the realm of tarot.  The Rider Waite deck tends to be a little less scary and easier to understand especially if this is your first time learning tarot.

The standard tarot deck has 78 cards and usually includes a guide although there are many, many books out there that can also teach you just as well.

Tarot is a more structured, and has a dominant meaning compared to oracle, this means that the major arcana (ex: the fool) deals with the big things that are happening in your life.  The suits which are pentacles, wands, water, and swords, relate to money, emotions, communication, and emotional matters affecting the problems or journey you are on currently, and in this present moment.

Oracle decks, can be easier and a lot less intimidating for beginners, or those who are still discovering their gifts.  Oracles consist usually of 45 or more cards, occasionally these decks can have more or less.

Oracle is less structured than tarot and can be a little easier to understand because it does not typically have a dominant meaning to it.

Below is the Oracle of the Shapeshifters, which is one of my personal favorites!


I love oracles more because the imagery tends to be more stimulating and visionary for me rather than worrying about how each dominant message that tarot tends to offer translates into a reading session I will have with a client.

Some oracle decks also offer a typical tarot sized deck instead as a way to help beginners understand the complex world or tarot, or get their feet in the water so to speak.

I personally bond better with oracle cards, although I do use tarot from time to time, I still feel I need to go the rider waite way to better under understand tarot, however this is for another conversation at another time.

Do you resonate with tarot or oracle?

Love and Light,

Moonlit Sage

Spiritual Rebirth

Hello and welcome my lovelies!

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I wanted to take this time to give you my story and my background, I want you to understand that as much as I am about my intuitive gifts and my business, I also am a real person typing with real, deep, empathic love.

Like many people, I grew up in a Catholic/Christian household.  Even as a child I never felt comfortable in Church, it just felt dark, and very intimidating. I would respectfully attend funerals, baptisms, and weddings of friends and family of course, but it just felt like I did not belong.

Fast forward to 18 when I finally found my path with spirituality, Wicca, and Shamanism.

I was in love and I had such a love for myself at this time, but one thing that held me back was the home I lived in.

My family is very loving and kind, but the only problem was I could not be myself, I could not build my gifts I could not create my life that I wanted and I continued to pray daily to Mother Earth and Father Sky to get me out of that place.  I had a very controlling household, not to say that it was bad, it just was their generation, they did not understand that the Christian is not the path for all and that is okay some do not agree with what I do.

At that point I had to be very secretive and it just seemed that I had to let go for awhile.

Enter 2017 I have been living with the love of my life for 3 years and counting in my own place, holding my own full time gig in retail, while it is not my dream by any means, it is my baseline income for my business and my essentials in life, until my business is strong enough to leave the nest full time and remain there part time.

I was pretty depressed, I felt horrible and quite lost, I go so wrapped up in human every day material things I hadn’t realized what mattered most to me.   To make matters worse I was giving so much to everyone else I wasn’t giving to me!  I wasn’t taking time to meditate, I wasn’t taking time to really enjoy nature, my anxiety was off the roof, I was not going anywhere good if I didn’t make a change quick…

Enter February, I downloaded an app called Periscope.  It is a broadcasting app that was originally created for travel and has became an overnight sensation for many businesses.

Originally I had created a new twitter to use with Periscope under @VetTechBlogger.

I saw Oney(@askoney) do free tarot readings and I felt the need to pop on in and check it out!   The love, the warmth, the glow, the energy I feel during his readings and that first time had brought me to a spiritual awakening.  That was just the beginning!

With this new knowledge and watching my good friends @feelgoodvisions who is an incredible beauty and intuitive, and @teregary , who is the one of the sweetest, and kindest people you will ever meet,I decided to start broadcasting.

I began using the Animal Messages Oracle deck, then I moved onto Nature’s Whispers, and then Oracle of the Shapeshifters, and now after a wonderful gift from a very good, kind hearted soul who I have the honor of calling a friend and confidant, I now am reading tarot using the Beautiful Creature(2nd edition) deck.  All of my decks that I have all serve a purpose to the people who receive the readings and most importantly to myself.

Bear in mind I have many gifts I have not delved into with you, hey some of it has to be a surprise!

I invite you on this incredible journey with as I walk side by side with my familiars, nature, and Spirit.

I challenge you to let go of the mundane rituals we are so used to in our everyday life such as jobs, bills, and taxes, and allow your soul to be free to lead you on the path your soul wants to be on.

I ask of you to only read and allow me in, with the deepest respect we can have for another.

If you prefer to stay in your comfort zone, lean back, and allow yourself to drown in self-pity, and negative emotional feelings and energies, then my dear this path is not one I can share with you, and I wish you healing light.

If you are ready to come with me into a world that is both natural, safe, loving, and wild, then I welcome you with open arms, and a kind smile, and I will move aside to hare this road with you.

Love and Light,

Moonlit Sage