I Can’t Afford to Throw My Gifts Away

Re-Vamping the Lens

If you saw my latest post it was just downright negative, and just not me.  I’m a bubbly, friendly,outgoing woman and I was put on this earth for a reason.  A reason that is my very core, and the reason I walk this planet.

The Reason/My Gifts

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Ever since I was a little girl, my dream has always been to help animals.  I knew I had a gift and communication with them that many people have been amazed by.  People who say their dogs/cats may be aggressive and not to approach them would give me kisses and tail rubs with chatterley meowing.

At 25 I began my journey with Periscope watching mediums, and psychics read on there.  It was like a body high I’ve never felt I could feel my chakras opening, I could feel my gifts opening.  So I began reading tarot and oracle on Periscope and I even began taking classes to get a deeper learning.

Enter 2018 and I honed in my empath and healing gifts and have now became Animal and Reiki Master certified.

I have worked too hard to throw in the towel before the beach party even takes place,  I have to keep going.

So as famously quoted by Vin Diesel in “Fate of the Furious”:”You can never let your foot up from the tiger’s neck once upon it”,.

The foot is up and this tigress is ready to go.

How Do We Fix Our Lens?

It’s possible to say that working full time in a retail job, closing and opening, paying bills, and living paycheck to paycheck is a “normal life”.  After being paid minimum wage never receiving a raise and barely still able to make it I had to stop and ask myself “is my quality of life good?  Is my lens clear so I can understand what is playing on the screen in front of me?”

The answer is NO

  • NO I do not want to keep closing and opening back to back putting my lack of sleep, and health in jeopardy
  • NO I do not want to be thirty years old and at the same retail job
  • NO I do not want live my life paycheck to paycheck
  • NO I do not want support someone else’s dream

What I am answering Yes to

  • YES to taking care of me
  • YES to working for myself
  • YES to healing animals and people
  • YES I am capable of this
  • YES I will get there
  • YES I know my gifts and YES I will continue to work on them

Is your lens clear so you can create your own forest of abundance? Is it clear so that in this forest you may plant trees of spirituality, and roots of inspiration?

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