Before You Get Fit Read This!

My Second Chance at Life 

Brightest Blessings!

I was always the girl over weight, the girl who never went to prom, never had a high school date, etc. I wasn’t the most popular girl unless you count being the out cast the school wanted to know about…and they knew everything.

This isn’t meant to make you cry, and please don’t pitty me because I’m not looking for that.

This is my year, I am sick of being the girlfriend put on the back burner, the daughter that everyone doubts, the gifted soul who most underestimate, how gifted I truly am. Again that is not a threat just an observation.

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At 27 years old I am at my heaviest, and it is completely my fault, I chose to let people push me into seeking comfort from food. I allowed myself to fall apart to a point that I am right now at the heaviest I have ever been.  I let food be my comfort, and junk food be my therapy.  

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Me now at 270 lbs, I deserve to feel happy!

Reiki has turned me around, it has allowed me to heal the emotional and spiritual pain I suffered.  Now there’s just one more part that must be balanced…

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My health and body!  I realize now how beautiful I am, how I deserve to be with someone who truly is head over heels for me, who can hold a conversation, who is as motivated as I am, and most important they are my best friend, and the love of my life.  

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I realize now how beautiful and lovely I truly am, how gifted, gentle,kind and driven I am.  How powerful I am and how well I heal and communicate with animals.  Most of all, I realize I don’t need anyone to hold my hand because I have myself I am my own best friend, and most importantly I am in love with me!  This new found love for myself has helped me realize, girlfriend, this bombshell deserves to be her happiest,healthiest self she can!

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Therefore, I have joined Beachbody today as a coach, and I decided to treat myself to Shakeology, I cannot wait to share this incredible journey with you!

Love and Light,


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