Don’t Go On Vacation Without Reading This!

Another Day in Paw Paradise!

Hello lovelies!

I was browsing around the internet today, doing my thing, and well long behold I found this fabulous hotel that I want to talk to you today about!  Did I tell you it got a 5 paw rating?!

Kimpton Hotels

Kimpton Aertson Hotel located in Nashville,TN

Related image

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, this hotel is perfect for the animal loving couple.

Here are a few more goodies you’ll love:

Image result for heart

  • Work it! There’s a 24 hour fitness center!
  • City Views
  • Yoga Mats in your room!
  • Evening guided wine hour!

Here’s why your furry fluffball of joy will love the stay:

  • Director of Pet Relations, that can be found greeting guests, exploring the halls(some locations)
  • Courtesy bags, plus pet beds,water bowl, and mat
  • List of pet-friendly boutiques, parks, and restaurants, at your destination!
  • Pets go FREE of charge!!

To make a reservation or to check out where you can find the closest Kimpton Hotel:

Where will you be taking a vacation this year?

Blessed Be,

Moonlit Sage

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